Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Homes for Our Troops

I was given the honor to shoot a Homes for Our Troops build ...finally one in California that I could participate in...was about 3 hours away in Hanford CA...just outside Fresno... I was introduced to this amazing organization at the Blue Star Mom National Convention in 2010...I had the privilege of meeting 3 recipients and they were amazing young men that lost so much fighting for our Freedom... When I got home I put in to be notified of any builds in our area...and a year later this came up... The Bond family was just the sweetest most deserving family. Sgt Justin Bond lost his leg and will most likely lose his other...he needs a home that will allow him to live as independently as possible... but he was sweet and funny and upbeat and positive... and more so a Hero cause his wife's closet is almost the same size as their Master Bedroom! I joke about it...but truly I appreciate all Sgt. Bond has done for our country ...and is truly a Hero in is own right. I met some amazing people... volunteers from all over...including the owner of a restaurant from my hometown Novato... Tommy Salsas's... her son a Football Player and Senior from Cardinal Newman doing his High School volunteer project with Homes for Our Troops.... local Navy guys... the neighbor hood church provided so much support... all the food for the volunteers was donated and prepared by caring people and other organizations...including Contra Costa Blue Star Moms Chapter 20....Hooah! The build was 3 days...from foundation to roof w/ doors and windows....soon there will be another work day for landscaping...and then a key turning ceremony upon completion in a few months....Can't wait!

this is all that was there on the morning of day 1

The Bond Family putting up the very first wall in their new home

I was taking a photo of Sgt. Bond holding his wife's hand during the opening ceremony....not realizing til now his prosthetic leg was also in the shot....I can feel the emotions in this shot

Sgt. Justin Bond putting the first nail into his new home

The whole Crew on the first day
Fire guys came by.... got a photo opp with Vets and project managers....

These hard working volunteers never stopped from sun up to 1700 hrs.... volunteers had to walk around with waters just to keep them was all we could do to get them to eat! amazing dedication...Hanford is near Fresno and it was in the high 90's low 100's that weekend

Sgt Bonds Daughter invited by local firefighters who stopped by to sit in the engine and wear a soon as she got in she put her seat belt on!

The church across the street came out and wrote scriptures on the walls....I love that!

Day 3....the beginning of day 3... wow

My Cousin Matt & Marina's Wedding

I was a guest at my cousins wedding....but as any photographer knows it is hard to be anywhere and not want to take photos.... I am not sure I can simply go watch a football game ...sit in the stands and just watch? makes me cringe just thinking about it....if I watch a game on TV I spend more time oogling over photographers equitpment on the so I don't mainly do weddings and have done several....after this wedding I am rethinking my business and considering doing more....I have loved weddings since I was a little girl.... its a lot of work... but not all weddings are like this wedding... Thoughts to ponder

My beautiful Aunt Tricia and Dashing Uncle Randy walking my handsome Groom Cousin Matt up to the alter... I love this family!

The best part of photography for me is capturing a moment...when you can capture a moment...a glance...a touch... it makes a memory forever available ....this was one of those moments...this shows you the incredible spirit of my cousins wonder he fell madly in love with her...we all have

oops....i will figure out how to delete one of these

The kiss...a dip and a kiss at that!

You can often find me where the kids are at any event...I can't help but watching them and delighting in what mischief they find themselves in....

The Father Daughter dance at weddings are my favorite moments....a favorite part of my wedding was the dance with my dad...This was probably one of my most favorite weddings I ever attended...yes it was a beautiful venue...amazing creative touches through out...but it was the love felt by every single person that was there for this wonderful loving much wonderful loving energy surrounded them this day and it was felt by every person there....

Delta Patriots

Gotta love little guys in helmets and pads....they are the littlest in the league but out their on the field they feel like giants! so adorable....and so not cool of me to call them adorable...but I can't help it...shooting on the sidelines of a football field is probably the happiest place on earth for me...I am a huge Disneyland fan...but the field is what makes my heart soar! This is my Nephews team...#22 same number as his big Cousin, my son....Go A-Dog!

Senior Portrait - Miss Wood

At last! I haven't updated my blog in FOREVER! I had trouble logging in ...home with stress fractures in my hips and resting has allowed me lots of time to figure it I am! lots of update to post...I'm so excited! I have learned so much since I last posted and Iam excited to share! This most recent Portrait shoot was BFF's daughter and BFF to my daughter asked me to shoot her in her Jr Prom dress at a cool is that...very edgy...she is so smart...artsy and very deep....I think I captured all of that in this shoot...and what a trooper she was....made her get up out of bed on a Sat morning at was a perfect foggy hazy what we got.