Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day 2009-Moroccan Style

Valentines day 2009....My new favorite restaurant...Tanjia in Oakland, CA a Moroccan Restaurant with incredible food and Belly Dancers! We planned on going to a comedy show...but on a cold rainy night...I was tired...I thought it would be more fun to be in a cozy place...on a couch with pillows eating exotic food and take in the amazing culture...I am not one to bring my camera with me anywhere that isn't a sporting event, for some reason I brought it... I used my new 50 mm lens ....the camera froze when DJ got up to dance with the Belly Dancer and was too shy to get up and do it again for me! is our night...enjoy! We sure did!

The Lakers 2009

Wow....these guys played some hard cute! I was exhausted after just watching them. This is my Niece and Nephew's Niece isn't much into it...but has fun running around none the less. Basketball is a challenge for me and I haven't quite figured out why...I always seem to miss the good are some of my favorites from this game...My brother in law is the coach...This was my first game of the season.