Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pacific Islanders 2010

I was asked to come back for the 2010 season with the Pacific Islanders on staff as their photographer...such an honor...this is my favorite thing to do...hang out on the sidelines of exciting football games and capture moments that make memories...action pause the action...and allow the player to see the moment they lived. I love these guys...I am old enough to be their mother...but I prefer to think of them as a bunch of little brothers....I delite at their sideline banter... they are fun and play hard. Here are a few of my favorites...not an easy task considering I haven' t blogged in forever! Will do more...and promised myself not to fall so far behind again...easier to write about just after the moments.

GI Joe Graduation from Ft. Benning Georgia

What an amazing trip this was. My father came with my daughter and I to see my son graduate from One Unit Specialized Training at Ft. Benning Georgia...Boot camp and advanced training rolled up in 16 weeks... Had not seen him since Christmas...the anticipation...First day was the Turning Blue Ceremony in their dressed blues...or class A snowed in Georgia that next day for the graduation doesn't snow in Georgia...and we were told never had there been a graduation held in the snow...those poor boys ( stood out on that field from 0600 hrs til 1100 hrs in non stop drifting was freezing...the field is made with dirt from every battle field America ever fought on....just outside the Infantry Museum. I can't say the trip made me fan of Georgia...I had visions of qaint streets lined with peach trees and beautiful old houses with wrap around porches...not many southern belle's...but I will tell you I am a big fan of fried pickles and sweet tea! Met a great group of young men that make me so proud to have met them, spent time with them and know they have my son's back...and he has theirs...brothers for life. Picture of mom kissing her son is one of the many friends I have made on this journey...he has his brothers...I have new sisters...

GI Joe Home for Christmas

Well....I haven't posted on my blog in so long I forgot how to even get passion for photography and my love for writing...expressing myself...why have I stayed away so long? I'll start with my son's homecoming...he left in Oct for the US Army...heartbroken, but proud of him...he came home for Christmas and her is a few of my favorite shots...not easy to shoot when so emotionally I found an organinzation that will do pictures for you...photographers that donate their time...amazing...when I told my friend and mentor Denise she offered to take the next homecoming... He is in Afghanistan now...we have a few coming...Aug for 2 week & April 1st deployment complete! ...can't get here soon favorite of his past coming is the one of my son and daughter...we surprised her at school...walked into her classroom unannounced...all I saw was a white blur as she flew across the classroom into her big brothers arms and we literally had to pry her off of him... He was in boot camp where we could only write to phone calls...few letters as he was busy and tired.... so seeing him for the first time in 2 months after 18 years of rarely being a part was quite a moment for all of us....I nick named him GI Joe...she is GI Jane as she is now considering a life in the military...God help me!