Saturday, December 20, 2008


Can't forget the guys in Blue....I used Matt's 300 strong for these...Very cool if I don't say so myself!

Concord Minutemen Football

4 more shots and then I'll give it a rest...hard to pick out favorites to post...tomorrow will set up my Smug mug site...then you can go there and see whole galleries and order shots if you want. Many players have been contacting me for them.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Coach Ray Buford leading the after game prayer...he was touched I took picures of the prayer time...and I didn't realize til I downloaded the pictures after our very last game together... ever ...every one joined in the prayer....very beautiful...other shots are just random game shots...not my best...but I like the action.

Who says white guys can't jump???

Here are a few random shots of Concord High Football...I just love these guys...I had no idea

how fun shooting football games could started innocently as I wanted a few shots of Austin playing his senior year....took some great ones but not very good as it was I read about a 200mm I rented one...liked the shots so much I rented one every weekend it was available....and now I am hooked. I don't think I can watch a football game from the stands ever is so much more fun on the field! Listening to the players, coaches, refs...So the first shot...not very clear...but Who says white guys can't jump? Mr. Ray Buford Jr. sure can...and he is as white as they come! And boy can he jump...infact he did a jump like that in our game against Ygnacio Valley and won the game in the last 3 seconds...scored the winning touch down...couldn't get around...couldn't get he just went over! 2nd shot...gotta love the Zebra's...well...most of the time...ok, maybe some of the time....just a great shot...that was the greatest game I shot...Halloween....suppose to rain...but didn' sun to contend with ...and it was a day game....yay for me! not as much fun for the kids...but we won! and I got my favorite game shots that day....3rd shot...Ray Jr. again...look at his face...I cringe in anticpation of the hit just looking at this picure....4th and 5th shot....#22 my guy, my of my life...Austin J. J. Brilz...awe...he is just so great....only a mother can love a guy like that huh?

The agony of defeat...

Austin is going to kill me for this one...but it's my favorite...raw emotion....he was suffering from a loss of a good game they should have won against their rival team Clayton Valley...on Homecoming to make matters worse...and he had to be held up by his coach just after the after game prayer as his entire body began to cramp up...from his feet to his waist...pure pain...I recently discovered in talking to Coach Kimball he was holding him tight as he was shaking so bad.....awe

Friday, December 12, 2008

I didn't forget about Cheer!

I did not forget about Cheerleaders! It is now Cheer competion season....I thought shooting High School Football at night under the lights with fast action was hard....this is going to be a moving girls in a dark auditorium ....May take me til the last competition in March to get it...but I will get it!

Holiday Card Shots

I know I should be editing first before I will only show you a few...Denise edited them too on her blog ...go see them there too! I was just excited to's been a crazy week and I have not had any time to figure out Light Room and CS4...shame on me! So last Sat I had the honor of taking Holiday Card shots for my friend Denise and her gorgeous family. The kids are so adorable...I could have stayed and played with them all day! I brought a matchbook car for Jack Jack and Tinkerbell Lip Gloss for Maddie...That was either a fabulous idea or a mistake...she didn't put it down for the whole shot...but it distracted her enough to tolerate my taking her picture...her toes were painted bright pink...I was only able to capture them in a few of the shots. I started my smug mug account I just need to upload my pics...figuring all of this out as I go... it's all so exciting. So back to my first family shoot...Jack Jack was not having a family portrait moment...he preferred to be on his own...never still...he had a ball throwing rocks...we heard dogs barking...airplanes over head...those kids were so great...and dad did a pretty good job tolerating an early morning trek in the outdoors....He had a big date following ....Movies and Sushi with Miss cute! So I am off to complete the football video....THEN I will start learning LR.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Post

photos taken by Nancy Porfirio; editing done by Denise Olson using Lightroom v1.4 and a combination of Matt's 300 Strong and Sin City Dark and whole lot of magical touches - cool, huh?

Hello! Welcome to my Blog! I am so very excited about this. This is my first post....I have no idea what I should be saying at this point...usually you can't get me to stop typing...I love to write. Hopefully it will come out great here. I have always had a love of photography since I was a little girl watching my dad take photos. Then in Jr. High (that is what Middle School was called back then) I was on the year book staff and loved taking pictures...In High School I took a photography class and took a million pictures of my children as babies. I refer to them as my "little people" but my littlest person is over 5'9 and she's 15 years old now....The oldest 17 and 5'10 or 5'11...That is who is with me in my picture...compliments of my new friend Denise Olson. I bought a camera last year with money family had been giving me for Christmas and my Birthday....thinking I'd get back into photography...never realized the venture I started on....Went to Austin's football game and had such a ball taking pics of him playing...then offered pics to other families who's sons were in the pics too...Now I'm renting equipment and taking crash courses learning...I don't think I can watch a football game in the stands anymore....I am attaching my 2 favorite pics edited by Denise Olson...when she sent them to me I was so excited I jumped up and down ...smiling for hours on end...just to see something I shot...look so cool! The boys loved it too. I get all warm and fuzzy when I see my pics of them on their My Space pages. awe... Thank you all for reading my blog...that just sounds so cool!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I started a new blog!

Thank you my friend Denise for teaching me the tricks of the trade and taking this awesome pic of my little people and I!!! Here we goooooooooo!!!