Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pacific Islanders

Notice the PINK tape? Pacific Islanders dedicated this game to the fight against Breast show their support, they all wore pink of the players Scott Burke's mom had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer...I was touched by the way this team showed thier support...they even taped my wrist pink for the game!

A few more of the much passion and drive...I love being on the field with these guys....

Monday, May 18, 2009

THE WHITE SOX!!! So adorable! Fly ball to the outfield...they all run and tackle the ball fighting over it! I love their little expressions when they hit the ball.......My nephew is Aydan Lee McNabb...his dad coaches...they are so fun to watch play! Go White Sox!

CHS JV Softball

I love these girls! Awesome players....I've coached some softball and you just know when you have a team that clicks...this team CLICKS...they are so in tune with one another....just a pleasure to sad for me as my work schedule doesn't allow me to make the games...I happened to be off on Vacation for the week they played in a tournament...lucky me! Oh...and they got 1st...of course! The Gorgeous blonde #10 ...thats my girl...Mackenzie we call her "Big Mac"

These are some big boys...ok...they aren't boys...they are men...Great big awesome men that play amazing football. Semi Pro Team Pacific Islanders I've had the privellege to shoot...They ended their season this past weekend...UNDEFEATED! Yay! Here are a few candids...action shots coming soon. Just wanted to show some of my favorite shots that reflect a little of their size or personality....I wonder if they would be willing to be bouncers at my daughters 16th birthday party...and I wonder if anyone would come in with any of these guys working to door.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My first Senior Portrait Session

My first Senior Portrait Session. We clearly didn't get out early enough as it is far to bright...still learning settings etc....but such a great model Ithink they are pretty good for a first time.