Monday, March 16, 2009

Pacific Islanders 34...SF Buccaneers 14....Way to go Islanders! I was like a little kid waiting for the first game of the season...I thought I would have to wait 8 months before shooting football again...then I discovered The Pacific Islanders with the Northern California Football League. I would text my kids the count down til first game...we were all excited...sadly they couldn't join me for the first support crew...then Thursday I came down with the most horrendous flu I have ever had...My son Austin had to take BART into the city to get me and drive me home from work...spent most of Friday and Saturday morning in bed...but I really wanted to do this game...I was too excited not to...Sadly it showed in my energy was down...I was weak and dizzy and many times I thought of just heading out early...there is another photographer there so I knew it wasn't like they wouldn't have any shots....but I stuck it out and glad I was a great game! I don't know about you but I see some improvement...had some lens issues with the lens I rented...slow to focus and then it just got worse as the game went on, fortunately I was able to finish....big bummer....There is next week right? I like what I got...I just usually like more.


Jim, "Homer" said...

Football season when it's not football season, how great is that. Sorry you weren't feeling good, hope you feeling better now.

Nancy Porfirio said...

I am feeling much better thank you....Isn't that the coolest? Football in March!