Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Card Shots

I know I should be editing first before I will only show you a few...Denise edited them too on her blog ...go see them there too! I was just excited to's been a crazy week and I have not had any time to figure out Light Room and CS4...shame on me! So last Sat I had the honor of taking Holiday Card shots for my friend Denise and her gorgeous family. The kids are so adorable...I could have stayed and played with them all day! I brought a matchbook car for Jack Jack and Tinkerbell Lip Gloss for Maddie...That was either a fabulous idea or a mistake...she didn't put it down for the whole shot...but it distracted her enough to tolerate my taking her picture...her toes were painted bright pink...I was only able to capture them in a few of the shots. I started my smug mug account I just need to upload my pics...figuring all of this out as I go... it's all so exciting. So back to my first family shoot...Jack Jack was not having a family portrait moment...he preferred to be on his own...never still...he had a ball throwing rocks...we heard dogs barking...airplanes over head...those kids were so great...and dad did a pretty good job tolerating an early morning trek in the outdoors....He had a big date following ....Movies and Sushi with Miss cute! So I am off to complete the football video....THEN I will start learning LR.

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Denise Olson said...

Thank you Nancy...what a wonderful story...can't wait to show you some of the results I'll be making with the photos. the holiday card, my family portrait wall gallery...gorgeous...can't wait to show you some of the techniques. Bring the laptop!!