Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Post

photos taken by Nancy Porfirio; editing done by Denise Olson using Lightroom v1.4 and a combination of Matt's 300 Strong and Sin City Dark and whole lot of magical touches - cool, huh?

Hello! Welcome to my Blog! I am so very excited about this. This is my first post....I have no idea what I should be saying at this point...usually you can't get me to stop typing...I love to write. Hopefully it will come out great here. I have always had a love of photography since I was a little girl watching my dad take photos. Then in Jr. High (that is what Middle School was called back then) I was on the year book staff and loved taking pictures...In High School I took a photography class and took a million pictures of my children as babies. I refer to them as my "little people" but my littlest person is over 5'9 and she's 15 years old now....The oldest 17 and 5'10 or 5'11...That is who is with me in my picture...compliments of my new friend Denise Olson. I bought a camera last year with money family had been giving me for Christmas and my Birthday....thinking I'd get back into photography...never realized the venture I started on....Went to Austin's football game and had such a ball taking pics of him playing...then offered pics to other families who's sons were in the pics too...Now I'm renting equipment and taking crash courses learning...I don't think I can watch a football game in the stands anymore....I am attaching my 2 favorite pics edited by Denise Olson...when she sent them to me I was so excited I jumped up and down ...smiling for hours on end...just to see something I shot...look so cool! The boys loved it too. I get all warm and fuzzy when I see my pics of them on their My Space pages. awe... Thank you all for reading my blog...that just sounds so cool!


Denise Olson said...

You are on your way, Nancy!!! These are awesome shots and you should be very very proud of yourself!!!
Happy Holidays!!

Denise Olson said...

oh, thank you so much for the photo session...and for a glorious profile photo of me!!!

Nancy P. said...

No... Denise Thank you! I had so much fun with you and your family...I can't wait to see the magic you do on the rest of the pics...I am so honored to have taken them....I can't thank you enough for helping me set up my very cool blog! XoXo Nancy

Weddings 9-1-1 Photography and more! said...

Welcome to the real deal Nance, congrats on your BLOG!!! WRITE WRITE WRITE! It's alright!

Keep studying, and start editing....you have PS CS4 AND LR , no more excuses mama, TUCK N ROLL! You can do it..and it feels soooooooooo good!