Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Cousin Matt & Marina's Wedding

I was a guest at my cousins wedding....but as any photographer knows it is hard to be anywhere and not want to take photos.... I am not sure I can simply go watch a football game ...sit in the stands and just watch? makes me cringe just thinking about it....if I watch a game on TV I spend more time oogling over photographers equitpment on the so I don't mainly do weddings and have done several....after this wedding I am rethinking my business and considering doing more....I have loved weddings since I was a little girl.... its a lot of work... but not all weddings are like this wedding... Thoughts to ponder

My beautiful Aunt Tricia and Dashing Uncle Randy walking my handsome Groom Cousin Matt up to the alter... I love this family!

The best part of photography for me is capturing a moment...when you can capture a moment...a glance...a touch... it makes a memory forever available ....this was one of those moments...this shows you the incredible spirit of my cousins wonder he fell madly in love with her...we all have

oops....i will figure out how to delete one of these

The kiss...a dip and a kiss at that!

You can often find me where the kids are at any event...I can't help but watching them and delighting in what mischief they find themselves in....

The Father Daughter dance at weddings are my favorite moments....a favorite part of my wedding was the dance with my dad...This was probably one of my most favorite weddings I ever attended...yes it was a beautiful venue...amazing creative touches through out...but it was the love felt by every single person that was there for this wonderful loving much wonderful loving energy surrounded them this day and it was felt by every person there....

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